Monday, April 5, 2010

ASP.NET Page Life Cycle

By understanding the details of how an ASP.NET page runs on the server before the rendered HTML is sent to the browser, one can realize how many significant stages a page goes through and how much control it releases to the developer. While the page runs through its life cycle, while the methods of the page’s base class can be overridden, a number of events are also raised that can be handled and exploited.

I wanted to write in detail about the life cycle, but time know. But, everything about the life cycle can be found here, put in simple terms and details.

Recently a diagram was also added in this article, that makes it really clear. Here is a direct link to the image if needed. This sketch seems to be influenced by a diagram by some "Andrianarivony Leon" that has been on the web for a while. But the diagram in the link above is a better version, I wont post the original here. Have a look...the diagram is a must have for a .NET developer for his/her dashboard.

Update on June 12, 2010:
I found a video on the ASP.NET site that might be helpful to understand the life cycle. You can access the video here.