Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Operating System Support

Windows XP has not been very friendly with me recently. Well, it is said that software goes parallel with hardware, and I use a PC with normal configuration without a UPS support in an unstable power environment. That makes me a bad operator and thus I would not like to blame the operating system.

There is a brighter side too. I am doing more debugging task with operating systems than I used to. Unfortunately more than half of the cases to solve the OS problems ended up in me reinstalling the operating system. Fortunately, it also encouraged me to look for better solutions. So guys, here is a couple of interesting resources you need. I will keep posting them here if I come across more of them.

Missing hal.dll? You do not need to reinstall. Check the solution here.

Need some information about what a dll is about and is that needed in your PC? Check the mega library. It is extensive, so don’t try to mess with the ocean. Sneak into and just check info about the dll you need to!